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Under review

Linked-Items, and Items-That-Link-To-Me

WireRydr 1 year ago • updated by Lothar "Husky110" Hoffmann 1 year ago 2

This request is broken up into two parts:

1. Linked Items.  One of my more-common scenarios is to track things like Online forum accounts in TeamPass.  In many of these cases I use a common email account (usually GMail) when registering for the forum.  When I create the Teampass Item to track each forum account, I end up having to duplicate the credentials for the common GMail account, so I can immediately access them without having to navigate several items in Teampass.  I could alternatively add just the email address in the appropriate field within the item, but then I'd have to manually navigate to a different item to see the rest of the common Gmail credentials/attributes.  It would be nice to have a new field (Linked Item) that you could use to refer to another item within Teampass, potentially within a different folder (e.g. a folder of email accounts).  Clicking on that linked-item would navigate directly to the other item within Teampass - subject to permissions of-course.

2. Items that Link to Me.  Conversely, it would be nice to be able to click on a button within given item and pop up a list of items that link to it.  If that was a picklist, then it could even be used to navigate directly to that item.

Ultimately it's straightforward to use workarounds to simulate this kind of functionality, but it's a bit awkward.  Allowing linked-items and items-that-link-to-me would greatly improve and speed up navigation throughout Teampass for these kinds of use-cases, especially where the various items are stored in different folders.  It would also improve data-normalization since I would no longer need to duplicate credentials across related items.

Under review

Offline File Expiration

Greg DiFiore 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 2

Would it be possible to add the ability for the offline file to only be accessible for X number of hours?  This way the file will automatically expire and users can't download it and take it with them if they leave the company?

Under review

automate backup of encrypted database

kwetiaw 2 years ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 2 years ago 1

hi there

we are looking into using teampass in our corporate environment and wondering if there's a way to automate a backup with encryption and place them in a location that will be backed up daily by our backup software?

is this possible?


2FA via USB Token

n.jonalik 2 years ago 0

Hi there,

I have a question regarding the usage of USB tokens, like flash drives, as a second factor in 2FA. Is that at all possible? I've read trough your documentation, but I wasn't able to find anything. Also, if this doesn't work, can we connect our own SMS service to Teampass for 2FA?

Thank you for your support and developing such an awesome product!


Send attachment using One Time View

MikeH 2 months ago 0

It would be great to be able to send a document or image using the One Time View method like we can with the passwords. This would be a great security feature to allow encrypted sending of documents.


Disable the 'Save Password' pop-up in browser

trash.gm 2 months ago 0

For security reason, it will be nice to disable the 'Save password' browsers' functionality. A hub tool as Teampass should not give the ability to save password to login.


Thanks !


Different Icons for folders and items

Jeroen B 3 months ago 0

I would love to see a possibility to use different (custom) icons for folders and items.

Just something i liked in KeePass and would love to see in your application.

Sorry if someone requested this before, i could not find a similar request.


Custom Expiration Times Per Password

Mitchell Terry 4 months ago 0

Currently from the documentation Teampass allows standard expiration times to be set at a folder level. Due to various items requiring passwords to be changed at different intervals it would be nice to have the ability to set the expiration and a configurable reminder emails for those passwords. This would extend the ability to use the password entry as an additional check for things such as Contract/Maint Renewals related to said account/password.


search on password

MartinRompie 4 months ago 0


It would be nice if I could search on a specific password. Imagine I used the same password on several sites/webshops and this password is somehow known to somebody else for example if one of the shops is hacked.

It would be nice if I could search on a specific password and teampass shows me al the entries where this password is used.


Statistics page could have better phrasing

Solsmed 5 months ago 0

On the "Sending anyonymous statistics page", most options are clearly anonymous, such as "number of ...", or whether an option is enabled or not.

However, there are several items which could seem to be very sensitive and revealing, and not at all anonymous. These are:

  • Users
  • All items
  • All shared items (not including personal ones)
  • All folders
  • All shared folders (not including personal ones)

There are some examples given of usage, producing anonymous statistics, but it is not clear that the original data sent is anonymised or not containing sensitive data. If data is anonymised and not sensitive when being sent, the text should clarify what data fields exactly are being sent.

I want to support the project with anonymous statistics, but I want to feel safe doing so.