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Potential Hacking Attempt

Lothar "Husky110" Hoffmann 4 months ago 0

Sometimes the session runs out before the time I've set in the login window (GH-Issue #2007), I get a JS-alert "Hacking attempt".

It would be nice if such errors would just throw me back to the login-window and not leave me inside TP since most session-related errors just need a relog.


Create a confirmation when deleting a file & a possiblity to restore a deleted file.

byeight 5 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 5 months ago 2

At this time, when you click delete on a file it is instantly removed. Could it be possible to introduce a confirmation? New users will try out any button and the result is a deleted file.

Also because the file is removed there is no chance to restore it. Could this also be introduced?

We plan to use Teampass as a store for certificates so it must be failsafe.

Under review

Unprivileged API tokens

Mike Wilson 5 months ago • updated 5 months ago 2

Create API keys that don't have access to passwords directly, but do have access to custom fields like password hash, public keys, etc.  This way Puppet/Ansible can query TeamPass directly to set passwords without any sort of intermediary step.


Authentication with Google (Apps) Login

Michael Rieger 5 months ago 0


first of all: Great tool ;)

It would be nice if there is a possibility to login with Google Login Credentials. Especially with Google Apps Username and password.



Feature Request

aditia 5 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 5 months ago 1

Please provide for add feature:
1. Auto login or auto typing after click the link

2. Secure share link the item for user

Under review

Offline File Expiration

Greg DiFiore 6 months ago • updated 6 months ago 2

Would it be possible to add the ability for the offline file to only be accessible for X number of hours?  This way the file will automatically expire and users can't download it and take it with them if they leave the company?


Roles vs Security Levels

CompuMatter 7 months ago 0

As a new user I am immediately confused at the usage of the term Roles as it is talked about here: https://teampass.readthedocs.io/en/latest/manage/manage-users/#roles-in-teampass vs Roles as management would apply to their staff (of which I do not find documentation).

It is my suggestion, that the word Roles when used internally for Teampass rights be called Security Level or System Role (with button help to clarify) but personally I think the word Role should be removed from TeamPass to prevent any confusion whatsoever.


Under review

Home Page

CompuMatter 7 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 7 months ago 1

I think it would be nice after the initial login to allow users to initially see their list of passwords, folders or even an 'Admin' created home page ie; pasted html. 

For instance in my case, I might want to provide my staff with some brief instructions on how to do things which would be of value and minimize support.  I might also provide a contact person / email in our store or with Teampass.net, in case of problems with the software.



Custom Fields: Visibility-when-Empty, and Masking

WireRydr 8 months ago • updated 6 months ago 3

Hello there - thank you for Teampass.  I'm finding it quite useful, and usable.  I especially like it's support for custom-fields.  I have two custom-field feature-requests for your consideration:

  1. Visibility-when-Empty.  Currently when viewing an item's details, all custom-fields associated with the item/folder's category are displayed whether they are populated or not.  It would clean up the display quite a bit if empty custom-fields were not displayed.  This could perhaps be made configurable, at the site level, category level, or possibly individual custom-field level.
  2. Masking.  Currently custom-fields appear to be non-typed, generic raw text.  Their contents are always displayed in-the-clear when viewing an item's details.  It would be extremely useful to be able to optionally configure individual custom-fields as "sensitive information", and display them in a masked form unless a click-and-hold type action is performed (similar to how an item's password is currently handled).  An additional copy-to-clipboard functionality would also be very useful.  This would probably be best made configurable on a per-field basis.

Thank you very much!

- WireRydr

Under review

Hide inaccessible Items

Futureweb OG 9 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 8 months ago 1

Items which are only accessible by certain Users or Roles should only be shown to them - and not all Users which are allowed to access the Folder ...

Should be configurable like "Hide inaccessible password folders" (So one can choose if Users should be able to request access to restricted Items or even don't be able to see the Item ...)


Andreas Schnederle-Wagner