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change password on first login

Manuel Pastrian 1 year ago 0

Dear TeamPass DevOPS,

I cant find any option to force the users change the TeamPass user password after first login, please can consider this feature in next fix or release?



Increase the size of the webfrontend

Niklas 2 years ago 0


Is it possible to increase the area of the webfrontend section as shown in the picture below:

There is not enough space to see every entry. I think this is not a big deal to edit this in the right file, isn´t it?

Best Regards,



Mass update minimal password strenght on folders

SergeDV 2 years ago 0

Is it possible to perform a mass update of the minimal password strength on folders? We have about 1000 folders, and the minimal password strength must be changed from "very weak" to "medium". Can this be done in a mass update? I have already searched the tables in the database, but could not find the column that represents the minimal password strength of a folder.


Other protocols in url field.

Marcin 2 years ago updated by gdifiore 2 years ago 2

Would be nice to have support for other protocols in URL field, not only http/https (http is auto-added, even if the protocol is written by user). Can be in example rdp, ssh, vnc... This types can be autodetected by the system and open then proper application instead of opening it in web browser.


share items with roles

Martin 2 years ago 0

Hi Nils,

we've found only the "restricted to" possibility to share an item with other persons and roles the containing folder was not shared with.

The persons and roles, we restricted the item to could then see the item. The persons and roles who are supposed to see the whole folder could not see it.

We search for a possibility to only additionally share single items with persons and roles. Is there one or is one planned for a future release? =)




Unambiguous Font

Brent 3 years ago updated by Eric Wheeler 12 months ago 2

I propose changing to a font that is unambiguous.

I sometimes have to add notes in the description like "that's an upper-case i" or "that's a lower-case L" because not all of my applications support copy-paste and I have to type the passwords in after unmasking them.


Automatically configure user from LDAP on first login

Steve Shipway 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

When LDAP authentication is enabled, and a user logs in for the first time, their account is created in the database.

However, it does not populate the FirstName/SecondName/EmailAddr fields from LDAP attributes; also, there is no way to set up a default Role for newly-created LDAP users.

I would like to be able to optionally specify a default Role, and the LDAP attributes to use to initially populate the name and email for these users.

This is even more important if we want to be able to use 2FA in conjunction with LDAP login.


Authentication with Google (Apps) Login

Michael Rieger 3 years ago 0


first of all: Great tool ;)

It would be nice if there is a possibility to login with Google Login Credentials. Especially with Google Apps Username and password.



keyboard shortcut

ken.dionne 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 0

It would great to have keyboard shortcuts to copy the username / password to clipboard


Allow LDAP via FreeIpa / RFC2307bis

aaronkthomas 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

I'm able to attach my IPA server as an authentication backend for teampass, however IPA uses RFC2307bis; as far as I can tell, the only important difference is that your search filter on groups should be 'member' , not 'memberUid', in admin.queries.php, identify.php, and main.functions.php.  'memberUid=<user>' returns 0, while 'member=<user>' returns ldap directory data.