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Increase the size of the webfrontend

Niklas 5 years ago 0


Is it possible to increase the area of the webfrontend section as shown in the picture below:

Image 12

There is not enough space to see every entry. I think this is not a big deal to edit this in the right file, isn´t it?

Best Regards,



Different Icons for folders and items

Jeroen B 6 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 2 years ago 2

I would love to see a possibility to use different (custom) icons for folders and items.

Just something i liked in KeePass and would love to see in your application.

Sorry if someone requested this before, i could not find a similar request.

Nils Laumaillé 2 years ago

This has been implemented in v3.


Support import of Keepass file attachments

Steve Shipway 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 1

The Keepass import currently does not import file attachments.  These are linked in the <Binary> branch under the entry, and held in the <Meta><Binaries> branch of the export.  It would be very useful for the Keepass import to also import attached files, as we use this to hold certificate keys and similar.


Bulk delete

Steve Shipway 7 years ago 0

Currently, you cannot delete a folder if it has subfolders; and there is no way to delete a large number of items or folders without doing so individually and confirming each one.  Very time-consuming if there are a lot to remove, such as when importing or reorganising items.

It would be good to have an additional checkbox on the "delete folder" form for "delete all subfolders as well".  This would not normally be checked.

Another checkbox could be present for "delete contents only".  This would delete everything in the folder (and in subfolders, if the previous checkbox were ticked) but not the actual folder itself.  Alternatively, an "empty folder" option rather than "delete folder"?

In addition, in the items pane, you can drag and drop items individually to move them to new folders.  Maybe also have a wastebasket to drop them into?  This could then be emptied using the "empty folder" option I mentioned previously.


Authentication with Google (Apps) Login

Michael Rieger 7 years ago 0


first of all: Great tool ;)

It would be nice if there is a possibility to login with Google Login Credentials. Especially with Google Apps Username and password.



Suggestion for encrypted password in settings.php

A Vr 7 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 2 years ago 7

In the file settings.php the password for the teampass database user is written in plain text. A security improvement would be to encrypt this password so that an unauthorised system admin could not break into the database.

kind regards,


Under review


Emiliano Heras 7 years ago updated 5 years ago 3


Actually users cannnot apply categories to folders that they have created (or I don't know how ...). That's quite annoying, as adding custom fields to a record can be only made using categories, and only the administrator can link the categoriey to the folders.

It would be better to create templates that users can apply to created folders to add the custom fields without requesting it by the administrator. Templates should also contain none (standard), one or more categories.

I. ex.:

When adding a new folder, the user has to set the standard settings (name, parent folder, password complexity) plus additionally define the template to use.

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Emiliano Heras


Increase 3.0 Upgrade speed

Koopz 2 years ago updated by alarido 1 year ago 2

I assume this is a rather low priority or maybe too much of a hassle to be worth the effort since I'm pretty sure i belong to a very small part of the userbase but:

After quite some time of usage i was assigned the task of upgrading our TeamPass 2.1.23 (you can laugh) instance to the latest version.

I'm in the middle of the jump from to 3.0.21 and am waiting for the generating of sharekeys to finish right now.

You did warn the users that it can take quite a bit of time but i just figured i'd let you know in my particular case with 13 users and over 2100 items it takes roughly 20 minutes per user to generate those 2100 sharekeys. So this will take a few more hours of waiting while the server it's running on isn't particularly busy with the upgrade.

As a measurement to make the update process faster for future users i'd like to propose letting the upgrade wizard sending multiple POSTs to /install/upgrade_run_3.0.0_users.php simultanously to make use of more than a single core.

I haven't checked the code too much but given the fact that the workload i split into batches of 100 items per request to avoid timeouts there shouldn't be any worries regarding concurrency, right?


Feature Request: Provide TOTP codes if the password field is a TOTP seed

KJ7LNW 3 years ago 0

We often store TOTP seeds in teampass so we can get the current code with a command like this:

  • ~]$ oathtool -c 30 --base32 --totp ABCDEFG

It would be nice to have a checkbox with the configuration options (time = 30s, base32, ...) so we can use teampass as a TOTP client.  On the backend you could just invoke oathtool, or maybe there is a PHP library.


Local QR Code Generation

hckrome 5 years ago 0

In terms of security we'd like to cut off our teampass server from accessing internet. But this would disable  QR code generation for Google Authenticator (we preferred to use this one).

Is there any way to modify GoogleQRCodeProvider to maybe:
1. use qrencode ubuntu package and generate imagefiles or
2. generate using phpqrcode.ph/qrlib.php library

I have zero expertise on PHP but im guessing changes can be made in GoogleQRCodeProvider.php . Please enlighten thy poor soul.

public function getQRCodeImage($qrtext, $size)
return $this->QRcode::png(rawurlencode($qrtext))
// return $this->getContent($this->getUrl($qrtext, $size));