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Support for U2F USB tokens as additional 2FA method

Michel Meyers 6 years ago updated by sandman42 4 weeks ago 8

Import from csv

sandman42 4 weeks ago 0

Search filter that would still allow moving items

Nathan Neulinger 5 years ago updated by Ioannis Chrysochos 5 months ago 1

Autit user

Janusz 5 months ago 0

export without using the GUI

arnaudpoupelin 6 months ago 0

SSL-Connection to mySQL/database

TheCatalysm 8 months ago 0

Admin account got locked for teampass

Sravan Kumar 9 months ago 0

Kerberos Authentication in gerneral (i.g. for LDAP)

Kerberos 10 months ago 0

Support for SAML Authentication

andrew benson 5 years ago updated by samamuel 11 months ago 13