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Allow LDAP via FreeIpa / RFC2307bis

aaronkthomas 20 hours ago • updated 20 hours ago 1

Admin Logons restricted to IP Ranges

Craig 2 weeks ago • updated by Steve Shipway 2 days ago 1

Add option to have local and remote accounts when LDAP is enabled.

aaronSkar 1 year ago • updated by Jano Ostrý Ostrochovský 5 days ago 3

Colaboration with Catalan language

Eduard 2 weeks ago 0

Increase the size of the webfrontend

Niklas 1 month ago 0

Support for SAML Authentication

andrew.benson 2 years ago • updated by Joel Garnick 3 months ago 8

Customize Offline File Expiration

moeller 3 months ago 0

Send attachment using One Time View

MikeH 4 months ago 0

Empty item URL automatically fills with 'https://'. It must remains empty.

izomorph 5 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 4 months ago 2