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Use Have I Been Pwned API to check for Pwned passwords

Michel Meyers 5 months ago updated 1 week ago 4

Add option for "PEM files" when add new item in a folder

chiv0rz 3 months ago updated by Steve Shipway 1 week ago 1

Support for other Free DBs

mzs_47 1 week ago 0

Add instructions for FreeBSD OS.

mzs_47 1 week ago 0

Unambiguous Font

Brent 2 years ago updated by Eric Wheeler 2 weeks ago 2

starttls support

Col 3 weeks ago 0

Disable 2 Factor Auth for specific users

Mario Fetka 3 weeks ago 0

Browser Plugin (Chrome, FireFox)

Marcus J. 2 years ago updated by Edward Chen 4 weeks ago 3