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Group Password

Gabriel Virga 7 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 7 years ago 4

I'd like to know if it would be possible to create a Group or Folder Password where all the items under that fold or group would be protected. We would like to make in a way that even administrator can't retrieve the items without the group/folder password.

Under review

To be sure if I've well understood.


  • The ability to define a password on a Folder (Locked folder)
  • All Items and Sub-Folders below this Locked Folder would not be accessible without this password

What are the limitations?

  • Can the Folders / Items labels be visible by users without the Locked Folder password?
  • Should those Files / Folders be in the results of a search?
  • Should only the details of an Item be restricted by the Locked Folder password?
  • Should every Files / Folders below it be non visible unless the Locked Folder password is given?

Hello Nils,

Thank you so much for the quick response.

Our teampass application is shared with multiple teams, teams have access to their team folders and their personal folders. Our management is concerned that the admins would have too much power in changing passwords and they could easily view other team's passwords.

We are looking in locking the ability of viewing the passwords and file, it would be ok to display the description and search without the folder password. I supposed only the details would be restricted to the folder password. We were looking in locking the whole folder and subfolders.

This is our scenario, but other people might benefit of other limitations. I have been looking for these features in password managers and hasn't been able to find one.

Thank you,

Gabriel Virga

Hi, I am new to Teampass, I have installed it am exploring its features. Please anyone let me know the decent tutorials. thanks

Hello Gabriel,

I think that it is feasible but it is a quite big development.

I'm wondering about how do you prevent the admins to access the database and see the items?

The thing is that it is possible to lock a folder to prevent users without the Key to see its items and descendants but in database the items (without their passwords) would be visible.

If we want to prevent this, all fields of an item has to be encrypted. Is this what you require too?