Support for SAML Authentication

andrew benson 7 years ago updated by Kofl 6 months ago 15

Many companies use industry standard SAML authentication to log users in and set permissions based on groups.

Hi guys, I strongly need an implementation of a proper authentication system. SAML would be perfect.
Can any of you guys implement this for me? :-)
I´m not a programmer, just an integrator ;-/
BR and many thanks

Under review

I will review how this could be done.

@andreas, could you run some tests once I will have done a mockup?

yes, for sure! :-)


more than SAML, it would be ideal to go the route of OpenID Connect.

support of social authn like google, facebook, twitter etc would be ideal... aling with U2F support with yubikeys

Any update on this? SAML would be super nice!


I have implemented U2F with Yubico keys.


What`s with the original request of integration of SAML?

I would really have a need for this authorization method.


The 2FA options provided are nice...Okta integration would be superb

@Nils - Has this gone any further? 

Is there a plan to implement SAML Auth?


SAML would be the key to enable many SSO services. Open Id Connect with OAuth would also be a great alternative.

Many smaller companies are using AAD - Azure Active Directory nowadays. So are we, teampass is our solution from the moment we can use AAD SSO.



I was already testing to connect teampass to AAD by bridging with LDAP. Anyways users have to login again into teampass.

Any updates related to SAML authentication?

OpenIdConnect authentication would be a wonderful feature. I hope to see it soon.


Hi guys,

Some news about SAML or OIC feature ?

Is there some development started ? Or nothing ? Any roadmap ?



No news regarding plans for adding SAML implementation to product?

The only showstopper for us to implement it in the company.

More and more companies are using Azure AD (Entra ID) as authentication provider and Open ID Connect support would boost the adoption.