Increase 3.0 Upgrade speed

Koopz 2 years ago updated by alarido 1 year ago 2

I assume this is a rather low priority or maybe too much of a hassle to be worth the effort since I'm pretty sure i belong to a very small part of the userbase but:

After quite some time of usage i was assigned the task of upgrading our TeamPass 2.1.23 (you can laugh) instance to the latest version.

I'm in the middle of the jump from to 3.0.21 and am waiting for the generating of sharekeys to finish right now.

You did warn the users that it can take quite a bit of time but i just figured i'd let you know in my particular case with 13 users and over 2100 items it takes roughly 20 minutes per user to generate those 2100 sharekeys. So this will take a few more hours of waiting while the server it's running on isn't particularly busy with the upgrade.

As a measurement to make the update process faster for future users i'd like to propose letting the upgrade wizard sending multiple POSTs to /install/upgrade_run_3.0.0_users.php simultanously to make use of more than a single core.

I haven't checked the code too much but given the fact that the workload i split into batches of 100 items per request to avoid timeouts there shouldn't be any worries regarding concurrency, right?

Hi Nils, we are having the same problem, in our case there are 168 users with more than 2000 items. We are running the upgrade from version to version Is there the possibility of doing it through the cli and not from the browser? Thanks a lot!!!!

Some improvements have been made in last version that reduce upgrade time.

But parallelization of scheduled tasks and upgrade is a good idea, only one CPU is used no matter how heavy is the task.