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Under review

Custom Fields - Drop Down Fields (select)

Futureweb OG 9 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 8 months ago 1

It would really be a great Feature if one could add Drop-Downs with Pre-Defined Values as Custom Fields ...


- Category: Server

- Custom Field: Server (Drop-Down)

               Value: Server 1

               Value: Server 2

               Value: Server 3


thx, bye from sunny Austria

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner


Password Renewal Notification

selvamani.aj 10 months ago 0

Dear Nils, Is there a feature that i can get a notification for password renewal . so that i can change the password before it gets expired and change the renewal date.

Under review

automate backup of encrypted database

kwetiaw 11 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 11 months ago 1

hi there

we are looking into using teampass in our corporate environment and wondering if there's a way to automate a backup with encryption and place them in a location that will be backed up daily by our backup software?

is this possible?


2FA via USB Token

n.jonalik 12 months ago 0

Hi there,

I have a question regarding the usage of USB tokens, like flash drives, as a second factor in 2FA. Is that at all possible? I've read trough your documentation, but I wasn't able to find anything. Also, if this doesn't work, can we connect our own SMS service to Teampass for 2FA?

Thank you for your support and developing such an awesome product!


api + LDAP: use api with LDAP credentials

AndreyP 1 month ago 0

Currently api may be accessed only with generated API key.

I have a program that has to get list of passwords from TP.
Passwords have to be retrieved according to LDAP users.

That is: LDAP user "andrey" has access to "Item1" and "Item2", and NOT to "Item3".

1) I can't create new api key for each user

2) I can't give user the master key to all passwords

The feature request: allow api to authenticate with users+users from LDAP


import to custom field

alan.ward 2 months ago 0

We are looking at TeamPass as a replacement for our exitsing soultion but it has a greater number of fields for each item. Would it be possible to extend the import capability so that it can import into more that 5 fields.




2FA enabling for admin account

Steve Shipway 2 months ago • updated by Alberic ALEXANDRE 5 days ago 3

Currently, by design, the 2FA login (if enabled) does not apply to the Admin account(s).  These authenticate with a local password and no 2FA.

However, this is less secure, particularly since this is an admin account.

I would like to be able to (optionally) enable 2FA for admin accounts as well as for the normal local or LDAP users, so that we can have optimum security.  Thus, once we have 2FA working, I can flip a configuration switch and view the QR code for admin, and then need to use the 2FA for admin logins from that point forwards.


Search filter that would still allow moving items

Nathan Neulinger 2 months ago 0

Currently, if you do a search in the password listing, you get a result list that can't be used for moving items around.

I'd like to see a simple live filter that would let me filter items in the tree to still allow them to be drag+dropped to move them around in the folder structure. 


Automatically configure user from LDAP on first login

Steve Shipway 2 months ago • updated 3 weeks ago 4

When LDAP authentication is enabled, and a user logs in for the first time, their account is created in the database.

However, it does not populate the FirstName/SecondName/EmailAddr fields from LDAP attributes; also, there is no way to set up a default Role for newly-created LDAP users.

I would like to be able to optionally specify a default Role, and the LDAP attributes to use to initially populate the name and email for these users.

This is even more important if we want to be able to use 2FA in conjunction with LDAP login.


I would like to be able to use Teampass offline only

notalus 3 months ago 0

I would like to be able to use Teampass offline only as I do not want my password folders to touch then internet.