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automatically add user from ldap into a role !

e lefoll 6 years ago updated by Steve Shipway 6 years ago 2

I will be fun to decide to automatically add users from ldap to a role.

I have create a folder "common"

2 roles "managers" et "users"

"manager" can edit "common"

"users"  can only read "common"

I have 100 ldap users

I will need to manualy add them in the "users" role after their first connexion...

not really pleasant !


Allow password/username to be copied from the favorites page

Evert 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 0


Thank you for the work you already put into this solution.

A feature that might increase productivity is to allow passwords and usernames to be copied from within the favorites page. When the most used passwords are there, there is no need to click the link which reloads the page with the whole tree.

Best regards

Under review

Custom Fields - Drop Down Fields (select)

Futureweb OG 6 years ago updated by Cristiano Isaac 5 years ago 2

It would really be a great Feature if one could add Drop-Downs with Pre-Defined Values as Custom Fields ...


- Category: Server

- Custom Field: Server (Drop-Down)

               Value: Server 1

               Value: Server 2

               Value: Server 3


thx, bye from sunny Austria

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

Under review

Password Renewal Notification

selvamani aj 6 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 11 months ago 2

Dear Nils, Is there a feature that i can get a notification for password renewal . so that i can change the password before it gets expired and change the renewal date.


keyboard shortcut

ken dionne 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 0

It would great to have keyboard shortcuts to copy the username / password to clipboard


Admin Logons restricted to IP Ranges

Craig 5 years ago updated by Steve Shipway 5 years ago 1
Would like to be able to restrict admin logons to specific source IP addresses. Would limit the exposure of the admin account to specific hosts.

Custom Expiration Times Per Password

Mitchell Terry 5 years ago updated by anonymous user 4 years ago 1

Currently from the documentation Teampass allows standard expiration times to be set at a folder level. Due to various items requiring passwords to be changed at different intervals it would be nice to have the ability to set the expiration and a configurable reminder emails for those passwords. This would extend the ability to use the password entry as an additional check for things such as Contract/Maint Renewals related to said account/password.


import to custom field

alan ward 6 years ago 0

We are looking at TeamPass as a replacement for our exitsing soultion but it has a greater number of fields for each item. Would it be possible to extend the import capability so that it can import into more that 5 fields.




Get item's history via API

jn 3 years ago 0


It would be usefull to retrieve the items history of changes via the API. At this moment, that information is not retrieved when querying the API for an item, nor via a seperate API function.


change password on first login

Manuel Pastrian 4 years ago 0

Dear TeamPass DevOPS,

I cant find any option to force the users change the TeamPass user password after first login, please can consider this feature in next fix or release?