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Clipboard expiration

Ross O'Cottawalla 6 years ago 0

After a password has been copied to the clipboard it is highly desirable to erase or overwrite it after a timeout.


requesting password should allow you to enter reason for accessing password + log it.

Merritt Krakowitzer 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

When requesting a password if would be nice for a popup to display where you can enter the reason you require this password. The request and the reason should be logged and can be used to show auditors when a password was access and why it was required.


roles liked to AD Group(s)

yguillemot 5 years ago 0

First, escuse me for my english, i'm french... :-)

I'm IT Manager and i want to use teampass in my organization for all users.

I have a problem: I would like to be able to link each role to one or more ldap groups, which would allow me not to have to manage the rights individually. Therefore, when authenticating the user, the ldap groups to which it belongs should be checked, and the assigned roles should be updated.

I think we should simply:
- if ldap authentication is enabled, add a field when changing roles on directories (manage_roles) that lists all ldap groups (multiple selection)
- In the database table, save the selected groups in the "roles_values" table
- Add a parameter that enables automatic role updates based on LDAP groups
- when authenticating a user, check if the user is a member of a ldap group linked to a role, if it is the case modify the roles assigned to it (on database / users table / function_id)
- also do the opposite: no longer assign roles if the user is no longer a member of the linked ldap group.

I looked at the source code, tried to copy some parts of the code to do that, but I do not know php ...


Expose custom fields via API

Mike Wilson 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 1

Would love to be able to see custom fields via the API.  That way I can store password hashes, and SSH keypairs along with their account objects.


Support for other Free DBs

mzs_47 5 years ago 0


Support for multiple DBs enable people who have DBs setup to reuse them, for instance someone running PostgreSQL would prefer to reuse it instead of installing MySQL and for smaller installations MySQL or MariaDB could be a overkill in case people want to run something light like sqlite.

This could be a low priority request as the effort involved may be more.

Under review

Improve usage of Roles matrix

Nils Laumaillé 7 years ago updated by Aubin 7 years ago 3

Rework the "manage roles" page and especially the matrix showing the rights by Role and Folder.

This should permit:

  • multiple changes in a few clicks
  • better handling of long folder names
Under review

Unprivileged API tokens

Mike Wilson 7 years ago updated by finalbeta 5 years ago 4

Create API keys that don't have access to passwords directly, but do have access to custom fields like password hash, public keys, etc.  This way Puppet/Ansible can query TeamPass directly to set passwords without any sort of intermediary step.


Support for U2F USB tokens as additional 2FA method

Michel Meyers 7 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 2 years ago 9

Please support FIDO U2F tokens as second factor for two-factor authentication, ideally as an additional option to TOTP/Google Authenticator so that users can chose to use the latter if the former isn't accessible. (e.g. on mobile, where USB-only U2F tokens can't be used)

A library you could use can be found here:


Under review

Microsoft SQL

Martin S 7 years ago updated by A W 7 years ago 5

Again, Im a Microsoft person, so knows Microsoft SQL a lot more than MySQL.

Under review

Radius Two-Factor Authentication

jronzon 7 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 7 years ago 2


Je voulais savoir si ce serais possible d'ajouter la double authentification avec Radius.