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Ability to revert changes

Steve Shipway 6 years ago 0

Teampass already keeps a history log of changes, and shows old passwords in the log (I don't like that, but that's a separate issue)

It would be useful to be able to revert one or more changes to a password items, in case where a change was made erroneously and we want to recover the old item.  This would be for any changes - username, URL, attached files - not just password.  If Teampass could keep the last X versions of each item (a configurable limit) and allow them to be recovered it would be a good feature.


Invisible password for ordinary users

Thomas 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 1

Wir nutzen Teampass in unserem Büro, die Rechteverwaltung ist schon sehr gut, aber leider sehe ich keinen Weg, dem Nutzer nur die Verwendung des Passwortes zu erlauben. Er soll das Passwort nicht im Klartext sehen können, sondern es nur benutzen. Hier sehe ich eine Sicherheitslücke, denn wenn ein Mitarbeiter die Zugangsdaten abschreibt, dann ist der Zugang nicht mehr nur in meinem Besitz ...


Searching filters tree instead of highlighting

Evert 6 years ago 0


When using a directory structure of hundreds of maps it is currently necessary to vertically scroll for and search for the accentuated entries that match a search.

It would be easier if the search would filter out the items that do not match the search criteria, leaving the user with only the matching items that he needs.


Remove version information from login page

Tácio Andrade 6 years ago 0

I would recommend removing information like the TeamPass version on the login page, because with this information an attacker can more easily find security holes from the used version of the application (looking at Github itself) and make an attack.

I know that it is the administrator's fault if I do not update the application quickly, but I believe that a delay of a few days between launch, approval and update may be critical for attackers to be able to carry out attacks and obtain all information from a client for example.


Database structure

Darren Harrison 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2


After a server upgrade, I'm have all sorts of issues getting Teampass working again, but I wanted to confirm things were basically working. We have Teampass encrypted backups but we also had automysqlbackup daily/weekly/monthly backups.

I've got Teampass working on my local machine with the original database, but all the passwords show as missing and I'd like to confirm they are there in the backups. 

Can you tell me which table should have data in it if passwords are there?

Additionally, is there a manual way to either decrypt the passwords from the database, or decrypt the encrypted backup, outside of Teampass?




error http 500

adepecheemode 6 years ago 0

Hello, dear friends! could you help me please. i testing solution teampass and when changing the basic settings of the site  teampass - http error 500 and no access in site :(. last version tempass and components. At the same time logging the following errors (attach). Help me please understand the problem. Thank you so match.

Image 6

Image 7


Migrate from 2.1.24 to latest

Alan Lacerda 6 years ago 0

I have a teampass v2.1.24 on a CentOS6 and I am planning to install a new fresh installed CentOS 7 with a brand new teampass installation.

After that i wanna import data from the old one. How is it possible?


Folders with only subfolders

Lothar "Husky110" Hoffmann 6 years ago 0

I've got the usecase, that my structure has some folders, which contain only subfolders.

It would be nice if those didn't have a 0 as containing-elements-count, but instead count all subfolders as elements too. 

I kinda start to see elements as nodes whereas an node could contain the data itself or has subnodes. (Frontend-speaking)


On Sharing an Item - The "Email has been sent" message is red. On succes it should be green!

Roru69 6 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 6 years ago 1

When Sharing an item the "Email has been sent" message is red. It triggered me to believe that something went wrong, shouldent all success messages be in Green?


API - list folder by label or list all folders

cbabs 6 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 6 years ago 6

Hey Nils,

Unless I haven't found the right document or I'm stupid(plausible), it seems I can't return folders based on any other value than id and that an id *must* be specified.  Also I don't see anything in the API that allows me to list all folders. 

Either one of these would solve my problem.  If I could list all folders I could put into a JSON dict and loop until I found the 'Label' value and then get the 'id', that would work.  Even better would be if the API could do it for me so I could specify the 'Label'.

I'm using these docs, let me know if this is right.  Thanks for all your work!