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getting all items from folders and subfolders

Lenwe606 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

I'm writing an application where I getting all items from teampass through the API

I have a case where some folder have subfolder (and in those subfolder are items stored) and I need te get all the subfolder wsith only the ID of the main folder.

Is this possible or can it be made possible?


QUESTION: User left the company, leaving some items encrypted. How to retrieve those items?

njokanovic 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

Please advise how to resolve such an issue. Thanks.

How modify colour background

Ema 4 years ago updated by Steve Shipway 4 years ago 1

Hi, may you help me to understand how modify the default gray colour of background?

Thanks a lot!


password assigned to 2 people, only 50% shown to each

lissandro.sosa 4 years ago updated by Steve Shipway 4 years ago 1

I think it would be good
to add the functionality that passwords that were registered in
teampass, could be assigned to only be shown 50% of the password to a
specific role, the other 50% to another role and the total (100%) to another role.

as shown:
Master role: qazwsxedc123

Role 1: qazwsx ******
Rol2: ****** edc123

This would allow double custody for the password where users can not access 100% of the password to access with the user.


masked multiline custom field

userecho.com 4 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 4 years ago 2

We have config snippets (JSON/XML), a bunch of license keys or multi line licenses.

So we need masked multi line fields for this.


Selective visibility of an items fields based on Group/User

Steve 4 years ago updated by smh 4 years ago 3

The ability to restrict being able to view the password in an item, but not the rest of the information of that item would be a welcome addition.

In my use case, lower level technicians need to know information about a server, e.g. IP address, hostname, services, etc; but do not require to know the password itself to that server. I would like to be able to give them access to the auxiliary information without giving them the password.

Thank you,


Puppet Heira module for TeamPass API

Steve Shipway 4 years ago 0

It would be very helpful to have a Heira module to read secrets (including file attachments) from the TeamPass API.  This would allow us to manage passwords, secrets and certificates from puppet with them stored inside TeamPass, retrieving via the existing heira method.

As an example of how to do this with the Hashicorp Vault API, you can see here: https://github.com/jsok/hiera-vault .  It would probably be similar with TeamPass.

I suspect this may be something better produced and managed by the community, and that if provided you'd then have to provide something for Chef, Ansible, etc, but it's a very useful thing to provide


How to start using team pass

Nathu 4 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 4 years ago 5

I  am new to Teampass  I want know how folders / Role & user created or added . 

I wanted allow AD user access folder or items 



E-Mail notification: Send to all users affected

DL44227 4 years ago 0


first, TeamPass is a very cool, feature reach and sophisticated tool!

It would be nice to have an additional meta user in the email notification feature, where one can send the email to all affected users. E.g. a special meta role such "all" or "affected". If one change a password and choose to send the email to "all", than all users who can at least view this password get informed.

Thanks a lot!


Optionally configure discrepancy setting in 2FA verification

Steve Shipway 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

When verifying a 2FA code, the discrepancy (time leeway for auth codes) is hardwired to +-1 (this is when calling verifyCode() from identify.php).  It would be helpful to be able to configure this from within TeamPass, since this gives very little leeway for devices with clock errors and slow typers.  Many places will use 2 or even 3 for this setting depending on their users.

Please can we add a configuration item to the 2FA settings to allow this to be changed from the default of 1.