Your comments

I will review how this could be done.

@andreas, could you run some tests once I will have done a mockup?

Thank you for your feature request.

I need to check if this library fits the expectation.

As for LDAP, I will be able to implement but not to test as I believe it requires specific server.

Thank you for your feature request.

Interesting, I like the idea.

I will check if such feature can be implemented.

Thank you for this feature request.

It makes sense.

I will review on how to implement such feature.

I have implemented it the Development branch.

It requires now complete test phase.

Hi Arie,

Oh yes I do understand.

Yes this password is protected from an external access through the usage of .htaccess.

Now you are right. If the user has access to the server and its folders then this pass is visible.

I can of course encrypt it, but in such case the encryption will rely also on a salt which has to be "clear" somewhere.

If the user is admin then he will have access to it also, so that with some code can be encrypted.

But at least, it will not be as easy as performing a "copy-paste".

Do you agree with this?

There is no password in settings.php file.

I don't understand your point.

Nice suggestion.

In the past there was such a "home page" but it was removed related to requests ;)

Perhaps now we can implement something more clever like a top popup that could be enabled by option.

In this popup, we could define some widgets to be enabled.

Interesting ... quite big enhancement.

I have committed this improvement into Development branch.

You can evaluate and make me feedback.