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I'm currently being working on it. 

It takes time as I'm including a lot of code changes. 

So it will arrive but still require à lot of work. 

You might also have other type of restriction stored in table restriction_to_roles.

Check what roles ID this user was related to his account and compare with role_id present in this table

You can do this by directly doing some "cleanups" inside the database.

Get the ID number of this user, and clear the field "restricted_to" inside table "items" where this ID is set.

I have implemented U2F with Yubico keys.

I have improved the "custom fields" feature by adding the ability to limit the visibility to a field for specific roles.

By using it, you can now select the roles that will be allowed to access each field.

By default, the visibility is set to all roles.

I have improved the custom field page in the meantime.

I hope you appreciate.

Multilines custom field is now possible.

It can also be hidden.

It is committed in development branch and will be part of

Perhaps can you refer to the documentation =>

I believe you will found your answers.