Mobile / Responsive Design

Arthur H. 7 years ago updated by Nils Laumaillé 1 year ago 9

When you are on the way / out of office and a customer is calling you saying "my server has gone away" or asking for a password, then it is very hard to get it on a smartphone/tablet without a mobile web interface.

Under review

It is planned for 2.2 or 3.0.

But I need first to get the 2.1.x stable with latest API version.

Then I will work on responsive bootstrap.


Hey Nils, do you need help with the new theme? I'd like to contribute and I was curious if you have made any progress so far.


Good. To speed up the development of the mobile UI you may want to start with "AdminLTE 2" instead of pure bootstrap, because it has got many ready-to-use features.

Hi Nils,

Is there any progress in making teampass "Responsive"? I read somewhere that it would come available in the second half of this year.

Regards RR69



I'm currently being working on it. 

It takes time as I'm including a lot of code changes. 

So it will arrive but still require à lot of work. 

Hi Nils,

Nice to hear and I am looking forward to it. If you need testers i'm a volunteer

Kind regards


Hi there,

I have just found teampass, I instaled in on linux and we are testing it in our company. It looks perfect, just .. we often are away from pc or in car and need password for some server or some custom password for user program that we set ..but in phone its not working well, its not showing password.

Now i found this thread, that you are working on it, about 2 years ... some progress now ? Some test version or whatever ?

Thanks !

A mobile friendly version would be great ! team pass is awesome on the desktop , if a mobile version existed that would make it all that much more usable in different environment. not sure if this is still under development or not.