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Under review


Emiliano Heras 6 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 5 months ago 1


Actually users cannnot apply categories to folders that they have created (or I don't know how ...). That's quite annoying, as adding custom fields to a record can be only made using categories, and only the administrator can link the categoriey to the folders.

It would be better to create templates that users can apply to created folders to add the custom fields without requesting it by the administrator. Templates should also contain none (standard), one or more categories.

I. ex.:

When adding a new folder, the user has to set the standard settings (name, parent folder, password complexity) plus additionally define the template to use.

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Emiliano Heras

Under review

Custom Fields - Drop Down Fields (select)

Futureweb OG 6 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 5 months ago 1

It would really be a great Feature if one could add Drop-Downs with Pre-Defined Values as Custom Fields ...


- Category: Server

- Custom Field: Server (Drop-Down)

               Value: Server 1

               Value: Server 2

               Value: Server 3


thx, bye from sunny Austria

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner


Authenticating against a Posix LDAP without binding

Peter Szabo 7 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2

Would it be possible to enable authentication against a Posix / OpenLDAP without specifying a bind user?

Not all the LDAP servers require binding (especially not the AD ones), so there should be an option to query the LDAP server anonymously.


Add to logs items for OTV

jronzon 9 months ago 0


Serait-il possible d'ajouter dans les logs d'éléments lorsqu'une action de partage d'éléments en vue unique (OTV) ?

Under review

Group Password

Gabriel Virga 10 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 3 weeks ago 4

I'd like to know if it would be possible to create a Group or Folder Password where all the items under that fold or group would be protected. We would like to make in a way that even administrator can't retrieve the items without the group/folder password.

Under review

Identity Management

5b895086 10 months ago • updated 9 months ago 4

I'm not sure, if it is usefull. But as all credentials are stored within Teampass, it could be usefull to collect data of who uses them. So you can notify anyone, that the credential will expire or has been changed. It even ist easy to find who knows which credentials and change in case this person leaves the organisation.


error http 500

adepecheemode 2 days ago 0

Hello, dear friends! could you help me please. i testing solution teampass and when changing the basic settings of the site  teampass - http error 500 and no access in site :(. last version tempass and components. At the same time logging the following errors (attach). Help me please understand the problem. Thank you so match.


Migrate from 2.1.24 to latest

Alan Lacerda 1 week ago 0

I have a teampass v2.1.24 on a CentOS6 and I am planning to install a new fresh installed CentOS 7 with a brand new teampass installation.

After that i wanna import data from the old one. How is it possible?


Folders with only subfolders

Lothar "Husky110" Hoffmann 2 weeks ago 0

I've got the usecase, that my structure has some folders, which contain only subfolders.

It would be nice if those didn't have a 0 as containing-elements-count, but instead count all subfolders as elements too. 

I kinda start to see elements as nodes whereas an node could contain the data itself or has subnodes. (Frontend-speaking)


Potential Hacking Attempt

Lothar "Husky110" Hoffmann 2 weeks ago 0

Sometimes the session runs out before the time I've set in the login window (GH-Issue #2007), I get a JS-alert "Hacking attempt".

It would be nice if such errors would just throw me back to the login-window and not leave me inside TP since most session-related errors just need a relog.