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Please use correct forum.

Bugs => Github

Help => Reddit

Features Request => Here

Please use Github for issues

Thank you.

Can you please give more details because I don't get the interest of this?

This is a tricky point.

I fully understand your point. But in term of security it is not a good practice as an administrator will have access to all folders (excluding personal ones of course).

Currently a work around exists that allows Admin user to have access to folder.

Please read

But in such case, you take your responsibility.

No restriction is possible to an admin user.



THis is already the case.

It is implemented in (and of course

PLease check you version ;)

Can you please give more details because I don't understand what the 2 requests should act.

If the 2 points are not the same then please create 2 tickets to describe and specify how this should work.

I will implement the feature that get the more votes, and if you want users to vote, they need to understand the benefit and the advantage of the feature you describe.

Thank you

I will review how this could be done.

@andreas, could you run some tests once I will have done a mockup?