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Hello Gabriel,

I think that it is feasible but it is a quite big development.

I'm wondering about how do you prevent the admins to access the database and see the items?

The thing is that it is possible to lock a folder to prevent users without the Key to see its items and descendants but in database the items (without their passwords) would be visible.

If we want to prevent this, all fields of an item has to be encrypted. Is this what you require too?

The only one is Teampass-connect that is done for Firefox.

It is only beta as it requires a lot of work in parallel of Teampass.

But it will be done once 2.1.27 is officially released.

I've added function "folder_descendants" inside the API.

Call used: <url to teampass>/api/index.php/read/folder_descendants/<id OR title>/<folder_id OR folder_title>?apikey=<valid api key>

Example: will return all folders from root.

Notice that it returns itself too.

Only tested with ID for now

There is only one place for Teampass doc =>

Hello Chris

Yes the doc is correct.

Currently the api only has those features detailed in this doc.

I have planned to work on it to improve the possibilities but I'm lacking time.

In the mean time, you can use feature "userfolders". Just create a dummy account that has access to all folders and run <url to teampass>/api/index.php/read/userfolders/<user's login>?apikey=<valid api key>

Please list all the feature that would be useful for your use cases. Add some details so that I understand the purpose.

Thank you

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