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Authenticating against a Posix LDAP without binding

Peter Szabo 8 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2

Would it be possible to enable authentication against a Posix / OpenLDAP without specifying a bind user?

Not all the LDAP servers require binding (especially not the AD ones), so there should be an option to query the LDAP server anonymously.


Password Renewal Notification

selvamani.aj 8 months ago 0

Dear Nils, Is there a feature that i can get a notification for password renewal . so that i can change the password before it gets expired and change the renewal date.


reverse proxy

Andrew Meyer 9 months ago • updated by Suuria 9 months ago 1

Has anyone gotten this to work with nginx using a reverse proxy?


Add to logs items for OTV

jronzon 9 months ago 0


Serait-il possible d'ajouter dans les logs d'éléments lorsqu'une action de partage d'éléments en vue unique (OTV) ?

Under review

Group Password

Gabriel Virga 10 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 1 month ago 4

I'd like to know if it would be possible to create a Group or Folder Password where all the items under that fold or group would be protected. We would like to make in a way that even administrator can't retrieve the items without the group/folder password.

Under review

Identity Management

5b895086 10 months ago • updated 10 months ago 4

I'm not sure, if it is usefull. But as all credentials are stored within Teampass, it could be usefull to collect data of who uses them. So you can notify anyone, that the credential will expire or has been changed. It even ist easy to find who knows which credentials and change in case this person leaves the organisation.


Automatically configure user from LDAP on first login

Steve Shipway yesterday at 4:30 p.m. • updated 7 hours ago 1

When LDAP authentication is enabled, and a user logs in for the first time, their account is created in the database.

However, it does not populate the FirstName/SecondName/EmailAddr fields from LDAP attributes; also, there is no way to set up a default Role for newly-created LDAP users.

I would like to be able to optionally specify a default Role, and the LDAP attributes to use to initially populate the name and email for these users.

This is even more important if we want to be able to use 2FA in conjunction with LDAP login.


More authentication debug tools and debug mode

Steve Shipway yesterday at 4:18 p.m. 0

Debugging authentication issues is awkward.  It would help to have a Debug mode available for this.  For example, in the LDAP Configuration page, there is a test available, but it does not provide any details as to why a login failed - it could be in bind, search, group, password...  It would be helpful to have details on exactly what was done.  Also, in a "Debug authentication" mode, we could get detailed logs of all logins, so as to be able to track down configuration issues with 2FA and multiple login methods.


Ability to revert changes

Steve Shipway yesterday at 3:51 p.m. 0

Teampass already keeps a history log of changes, and shows old passwords in the log (I don't like that, but that's a separate issue)

It would be useful to be able to revert one or more changes to a password items, in case where a change was made erroneously and we want to recover the old item.  This would be for any changes - username, URL, attached files - not just password.  If Teampass could keep the last X versions of each item (a configurable limit) and allow them to be recovered it would be a good feature.


Invisible password for ordinary users

Thomas 5 days ago • updated 5 days ago 1

Wir nutzen Teampass in unserem Büro, die Rechteverwaltung ist schon sehr gut, aber leider sehe ich keinen Weg, dem Nutzer nur die Verwendung des Passwortes zu erlauben. Er soll das Passwort nicht im Klartext sehen können, sondern es nur benutzen. Hier sehe ich eine Sicherheitslücke, denn wenn ein Mitarbeiter die Zugangsdaten abschreibt, dann ist der Zugang nicht mehr nur in meinem Besitz ...