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Martin.S 2 months ago • updated 1 week ago 2

It would be cool to have Single sign on to Active Directory.

The LDAP is working quite cool, but users still need to enter username and password.

Under review
Olivier Lange 2 months ago • updated by 5b895086 1 month ago 2


Can you please add Yubikey authentification on Teampass? It will be a very great function!

Under review
Nils Laumaillé 2 months ago • updated by Hectito ElUnico 3 weeks ago 2

Rework the "manage roles" page and especially the matrix showing the rights by Role and Folder.

This should permit:

  • multiple changes in a few clicks
  • better handling of long folder names
Under review
Michel Meyers 2 weeks ago • updated by 5b895086 2 days ago 5

Please support FIDO U2F tokens as second factor for two-factor authentication, ideally as an additional option to TOTP/Google Authenticator so that users can chose to use the latter if the former isn't accessible. (e.g. on mobile, where USB-only U2F tokens can't be used)

A library you could use can be found here:


Under review
5b895086 2 months ago • updated 1 month ago 4

I'm not sure, if it is usefull. But as all credentials are stored within Teampass, it could be usefull to collect data of who uses them. So you can notify anyone, that the credential will expire or has been changed. It even ist easy to find who knows which credentials and change in case this person leaves the organisation.

kwetiaw 3 days ago 0

hi there

we are looking into using teampass in our corporate environment and wondering if there's a way to automate a backup with encryption and place them in a location that will be backed up daily by our backup software?

is this possible?

Merritt Krakowitzer 3 days ago 0

When requesting a password if would be nice for a popup to display where you can enter the reason you require this password. The request and the reason should be logged and can be used to show auditors when a password was access and why it was required.

greg 1 week ago • updated yesterday at 6:25 a.m. 1

HI Nils,

i've just upgraded teampass from 2.1.20 to 2.1.27 (step by step / 2.1.24 / 2.1.26) and i just notice that i cannot log in anymore with the admin account. I have this "Install folder has to be removed!" message on the login form...

I didn't try with the previous version if admin was working. Did i miss something?

Andrew Meyer 1 week ago • updated by Suuria 11 hours ago 1

Has anyone gotten this to work with nginx using a reverse proxy?

frankfurter 2 weeks ago 0

it would be better if there is a possibility to get the entrys at Personal Folder back when a user loses his/her Password.