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Under review
Olivier Lange 7 months ago • updated by Thomas Stegemann 4 months ago 3


Can you please add Yubikey authentification on Teampass? It will be a very great function!

Martin.S 7 months ago • updated 6 months ago 2

It would be cool to have Single sign on to Active Directory.

The LDAP is working quite cool, but users still need to enter username and password.

Under review
Arthur H. 5 months ago • updated 4 months ago 2

When you are on the way / out of office and a customer is calling you saying "my server has gone away" or asking for a password, then it is very hard to get it on a smartphone/tablet without a mobile web interface.

Merritt Krakowitzer 6 months ago 0

When requesting a password if would be nice for a popup to display where you can enter the reason you require this password. The request and the reason should be logged and can be used to show auditors when a password was access and why it was required.

Under review
Martin.S 7 months ago • updated by A W 4 months ago 5

Again, Im a Microsoft person, so knows Microsoft SQL a lot more than MySQL.

Michel Meyers 6 months ago • updated by 5b895086 6 months ago 7

Please support FIDO U2F tokens as second factor for two-factor authentication, ideally as an additional option to TOTP/Google Authenticator so that users can chose to use the latter if the former isn't accessible. (e.g. on mobile, where USB-only U2F tokens can't be used)

A library you could use can be found here:


Under review
Nils Laumaillé 7 months ago • updated by Aubin 5 months ago 3

Rework the "manage roles" page and especially the matrix showing the rights by Role and Folder.

This should permit:

  • multiple changes in a few clicks
  • better handling of long folder names
Under review
andrew.benson 5 months ago • updated by andreas.huther 2 weeks ago 3

Many companies use industry standard SAML authentication to log users in and set permissions based on groups.

A Vr 2 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 2 months ago 6

In the file settings.php the password for the teampass database user is written in plain text. A security improvement would be to encrypt this password so that an unauthorised system admin could not break into the database.

kind regards,


andreas.hartung 6 months ago 0

Currently theres no option to import active directory groups.

Would be very comfortable to assign/grant roles/privileges to active directory users and groups.

So it´s possible to manage privileges in a central way through active directory.