Browser Plugin (Chrome, FireFox)

Marcus J. 6 years ago updated by Edward Chen 4 years ago 3


first of all: TeamPass is great, so I can finally manage the passwords of the family centrally!

It would be great if there where a browser plugin for Chrome, with which one could enjoy the typical luxury features. For example:

- Automatic login with saved user names & passwords

- Create new password

- Automatically add username & passwords into database when logging on to a new page

- ... I think the community have lots of more ideas

For Firefox, I've seen one, but it does not seem to work with the current version of TeamPass. I am Chrome User and I have only written about Firefox that the Firefox Users does not stand out. :)




The only one is Teampass-connect that is done for Firefox.

It is only beta as it requires a lot of work in parallel of Teampass.

But it will be done once 2.1.27 is officially released.


Actually I was thinking about this too and thought we could utilize the API for that, so the plugin can read the current URL and look for keys with this URL assigned. The PW would be easy, since most pages use an input type="password" for this so someone could guess that the input before this one in the DOM should be the username (or e-mail)...

If the API would log that as an access to the Element like the user logged in (using the API-key per user) it would be consistent...