Any way to allow Teampass to work as a back-end for KeePass clients?

Jared Pickerell 7 years ago updated by LeNouveau 6 years ago 1

I could see this as a HUGE plus!! Possibly could be implemented with some teampass changes and some kind of KeePass plug-in that would allow a KeePass DB to sync to TeamPass based on the permissions and access according to the authenticating TeamPass user?? KeePass already has so manyclients for desktop and mobile devices. This would give the best of both worlds. The multi-user back-end of TeamPass (and web access) and open the door to the many KeePass client usage scenarios!!!

I'm not a developer so absolutly no idea how much work on either the TeamPass or KeePass side this would take.


Same here, this feature would be a HUGE improvement. 

I'm OK if KeePass becames a read-only interface for TeamPass. 
If I want to create/modify entries, I can access to the main application.

But it would allow all keepass features, such as completion, etc...

(at least, at first... :p)

Another solution would be to export all passwords in KeePass format, with the arborescence. 

Flat exports are not so usable. (many passwords with same name, depending on the environment)

Still surprised there are not so many +1 on this feature request, as I already know 5+ peoples who declined Teampass for this reason. :/