password assigned to 2 people, only 50% shown to each

lissandro.sosa 3 years ago updated by Steve Shipway 3 years ago 1

I think it would be good
to add the functionality that passwords that were registered in
teampass, could be assigned to only be shown 50% of the password to a
specific role, the other 50% to another role and the total (100%) to another role.

as shown:
Master role: qazwsxedc123

Role 1: qazwsx ******
Rol2: ****** edc123

This would allow double custody for the password where users can not access 100% of the password to access with the user.


Couldn't you achieve this by having 2 separate folders, with roles appropriate to each, and then having 2 items, one in each folder, each holding half of the password?