Selective visibility of an items fields based on Group/User

Steve 3 years ago updated by smh 3 years ago 3

The ability to restrict being able to view the password in an item, but not the rest of the information of that item would be a welcome addition.

In my use case, lower level technicians need to know information about a server, e.g. IP address, hostname, services, etc; but do not require to know the password itself to that server. I would like to be able to give them access to the auxiliary information without giving them the password.

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This looks like a requirement to define Role access at a field level rather than item/folder level?


I have improved the "custom fields" feature by adding the ability to limit the visibility to a field for specific roles.

By using it, you can now select the roles that will be allowed to access each field.

By default, the visibility is set to all roles.

I have improved the custom field page in the meantime.

I hope you appreciate.

This is a great addition thanks so much

It would be good if you could assign a template to an item and not include the default fields.

Eg. create a template of fields, assign to an item and only have those fields to be required/displayed