How to start using team pass

Nathu 10 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 10 months ago 5

I  am new to Teampass  I want know how folders / Role & user created or added . 

I wanted allow AD user access folder or items 


You can link Teampass to the AD LDAP for authentication.  However there is not currently a way to link a Role to an AD Group.  You need to manually assign each user to a Role via the admin interface.

We cheated by modifying the teampass code so that newly-created users default to a specific set of Roles and options

How to assign role to AD user .  ? Is there any video or step by step instruction.


When you define the LDAP, have "Teampass local users only" set to NO.  This will create the users in Teampass on their first login, but with no role (only personal space, if you have that enabled).

Then you can log in as admin, select Manage Users, then edit a user to add them to the role(s) you want.

When I login with admin account cant see any folders under manage folder menu or can find user in manage user 

Any one having details documents pls share

Perhaps can you refer to the documentation => http://teampass.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install/setup/

I believe you will found your answers.