Unambiguous Font

Brent 5 years ago updated by Eric Wheeler 3 years ago 2

I propose changing to a font that is unambiguous.

I sometimes have to add notes in the description like "that's an upper-case i" or "that's a lower-case L" because not all of my applications support copy-paste and I have to type the passwords in after unmasking them.

+1 for this

I suppose the auto-generate routines could also be given an option of avoiding ambiguous characters (IE, no 0 O, l , I, 1 ) though that reduces the entropy of the generated passwords.

Using Courier (or similar) font for displaying the passwords so they can be visually copied is a good idea.  I have also seen other systems where they can display the password phonetically (i.e. "foo1" is displayed as "foxtrot - oscar - oscar - one") for reading out

"Me too."

Just today I was looking for a way to hack the CSS to Courier or something like that.