Custom Fields: Visibility-when-Empty, and Masking

WireRydr 5 months ago • updated 3 months ago 3

Hello there - thank you for Teampass.  I'm finding it quite useful, and usable.  I especially like it's support for custom-fields.  I have two custom-field feature-requests for your consideration:

  1. Visibility-when-Empty.  Currently when viewing an item's details, all custom-fields associated with the item/folder's category are displayed whether they are populated or not.  It would clean up the display quite a bit if empty custom-fields were not displayed.  This could perhaps be made configurable, at the site level, category level, or possibly individual custom-field level.
  2. Masking.  Currently custom-fields appear to be non-typed, generic raw text.  Their contents are always displayed in-the-clear when viewing an item's details.  It would be extremely useful to be able to optionally configure individual custom-fields as "sensitive information", and display them in a masked form unless a click-and-hold type action is performed (similar to how an item's password is currently handled).  An additional copy-to-clipboard functionality would also be very useful.  This would probably be best made configurable on a per-field basis.

Thank you very much!

- WireRydr

Under review

Thank you for your Request, it is very good.

I will evaluate it.


I have committed this improvement into Development branch.

You can evaluate and make me feedback.

  1. Visibility-when-Empty.  Tested on latest development commit.  Works well.  When parameter is changed back and forth from "visible-when-empty" to "not visible", the fields get displayed or hidden appropriately.  Thank you!
  2. Masking.  Tested on latest development commit.  Works well.  When type is changed from "text" to "masked" and back again, the fields are displayed or masked appropriately.  Clicking the <eye> on masked fields displays their contents.  Thank you very much!

Note 1:  Changing a field's type from "text" to "maskedwas a bit counter-intuitive.  I kept trying to click on the symbol to change the type, which obviously didn't work.  It took some time to figure out you need to select the field on the dropdown-section at the bottom, and then toggle its type and click the <type> button.  A suggestion is to make it more clear and easy by just allowing users to click the symbol to toggle its type.  However this is not essential - it does work quite well as it already is.

Note 2:  The original request mentioned a "copy-to-clipboard" functionality.  However when selecting (not editing) an item, There doesn't appear to be any way to copy-to-clipboard the value of a masked field (which is something you can do with URLs and passwords).  You can click the <eye> to see it, but you can't do a copy-to-clipboard.  It is necessary to edit the item, navigate to the field, select it, and manually copy it into the clipboard.  This feature would be very nice, especially with secondary credential passwords, but but it isn't essential.  It's just a bit more inconvenient without it.