Authenticating against a Posix LDAP without binding

Peter Szabo 7 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2

Would it be possible to enable authentication against a Posix / OpenLDAP without specifying a bind user?

Not all the LDAP servers require binding (especially not the AD ones), so there should be an option to query the LDAP server anonymously.

The current version does not require a bind user.  The username/password fields on the LDAP configuration page are for testing settings.

At the time I was submitting this feature request, the authentication was expecting a bind user. I have submitted the following pull request with a fix: https://github.com/nilsteampassnet/TeamPass/pull/1743

However, a clear explanation in the GUI, or a way of choosing whether the LDAP server will be connected with or without a bind user could be a useful feature.