requesting password should allow you to enter reason for accessing password + log it.

Merritt Krakowitzer 5 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

When requesting a password if would be nice for a popup to display where you can enter the reason you require this password. The request and the reason should be logged and can be used to show auditors when a password was access and why it was required.

I would like to know if could this feature being implemented and when it could be.

This feature could maybe be enabled on a per-object level?  Not all of the items necessarily require this level of logging.  Personal items should be exempt, too.

It might be a bit awkward as there are several places (preview pane, copy button, etc) where the password is retrieved


I beleive the initial request is to have this reason written when a user clicks on link "request item access".

This is a good idea.

The log of password shown and copied already exists.


I have implemented this new feature in the development branch.