Customize Offline File Expiration

moeller 2 years ago 0

Hello dear Nils,

I found that the expiration time for offline files has been set to 1 week

First I was very puzzeled, when I opened a file older than one week, because this is not mentioned in the documentation

Then after some search I found the corresponding github entry

--> https://github.com/nilsteampassnet/TeamPass/pull/1874/commits/d064343e089192e9ea673e96a84312b83a649bee?utf8=%E2%9C%93&diff=unified

The idea of having an expiration date is indeed a good one and very helpful.
It would be nice, to also have the option, to customized the expiration time in the administrative backend

E.g. for my purposes it would be helpful to set it to five weeks.

As long as this is not possible:
will it be a functional workaround, to multiply the value on line 746 in the file "export.queries.php" by 5

or are there other values to change as well, to acheive my goal ?

Your assistance is very appreciated.