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Webservice to Add, Update or Get password for an item

Hectito ElUnico 9 months ago • updated 9 months ago 8

With many things increasing around automation it would be nice to enhance or create a webservice for adding new, updating or getting a password for an item. The user account must have a permissions option for webservice access.

I think Firefox add-on Teampass-Connect is what you expect.

It is still a beta version but starts to have nice features.

Actually what I am looking for is more server side, REST webservice.

I see.

Did you look to the existing API?

Yes. It seems very limited at the moment.

what feature is missing according to you?

I will work on the api for 2.1.28 so please give me some features you would need.

Sure. Here is what I believe would be good for this.

  • A new option for user accounts to allow webservice access.
  • If user account does not have option enabled then they cannot access any items via webervice.
  • This would be a RESTful webservice
  • Items have an option to allow access from webservice or not allow access
  • User account has ability to access specific items, which have to be enabled for access by webservice
  • The webservice user can GET password for an item
  • The webservice user can update password for an item
  • Previous password gets added to password history for the item
Under review

All major actions on items, folders, and users are currently covered with API.

My idea for API (2.1) was to implement a dedicated api key for each user.

Your idea to add a "allow access by API" on each item is nice.

I will think about all this.

Awesome. Thanks for considering.