Under review
CompuMatter 3 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 3 months ago 1

I think it would be nice after the initial login to allow users to initially see their list of passwords, folders or even an 'Admin' created home page ie; pasted html. 

For instance in my case, I might want to provide my staff with some brief instructions on how to do things which would be of value and minimize support.  I might also provide a contact person / email in our store or with Teampass.net, in case of problems with the software.


Under review

Nice suggestion.

In the past there was such a "home page" but it was removed related to requests ;)

Perhaps now we can implement something more clever like a top popup that could be enabled by option.

In this popup, we could define some widgets to be enabled.

Interesting ... quite big enhancement.