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Credential private to export PDF

Anderson Gonçalves 6 months ago • updated by Nils Laumaillé 6 months ago 1

Working for a company that supports multiple clients and for each client a Folder with Sub-Folders was created distinguishing Servers, Switchs, Routers etc. When a client requests passwords from the environment, we use the export to PDF feature, but since we have shared administration with clients, we have our own users (example: support) that differs from the general user (example: administrator). When I register a credential in the tool, I do not have the option to put it as non-exportable or private. As an alternative within the folder structure, I created a subfolder called "Restritec to Support" and at the time of exporting we did not select this folder.
Here is my suggestion to have an option to make that credential as non-exportable or private.

Under review

Interesting option.

Make it voted for futur implementation.

You may also contact me by email (nils@teampass.net) for faster implementation.